A world of melodies and rhythms, colored by traditional music and new compositions with diatonic accordion and guitar.

Aigua (water) is the best word to describe the duo consisting of Lies Hendrix and Joan Peiró Aznar. Water flows and effervesces, freezes and melts, boils and overflows, pours or drips. It travels, bubbles and winds its way. It's dynamic, just like their music. Lies and Joan dive into the intimacy of sound to create a dialogue between equals, unassuming and sincere.

After living in Gothenburg for more than five years, their latest project takes off Nonino them back to the country where Joan grew up and who has also welcomed Lies: Valencia. Joan's flamenco and manouche jazz are intertwined with Lie's folk music and musette to color the place's musical expression. Its habaneras, jotas, mazurkas and lullabies sway between modern harmony and traditional craftsmanship, imbued with improvisation and sung poetry.

Joan Peiró Aznar - guitar, vocals
Lies Hendrix - diatonic accordion