Adele Veronika Halten

Adele Veronika Halten

Harpe-Diem Productions - Classical and experimental concert harp with vocals, rhythm, circus, performance and lyrics.

Adele Veronika Halten is a professional concert harpist with classical education from e.g.

Swedish National Orchestra Academy, Norwegian Academy of Music,

Falun Conservatory of Music and Conservatory of Music in Paris.

Research studies at the University of Stage and Music.

She also has a degree in Psychodrama Therapy from the Norwegian Psychodrama Institute.

Adele participates in many contexts and collaborations with artists from a wide variety of genres, including:

Gothenburg Opera Duo with soprano Åsa Nordgren

Royal opera duo with sopranos Pernilla Ingvarsdotter, Leena Malkki and Lisa Bonnàr.

Trio TWO - soprano, harp and electronics with the composer Tony Blomdahl

Qiyan Circle, Sephardic, Arabic, flamenco and medieval music.

Carl Ewerth & The Royal Patrasket - Cabaret music and Primadonna show.

Solo and chamber music with harp / harps, voice and performance.

Children's performances:

Harpetussa, The Princess with the Gold Harp - a musical tale for children. and

Lajka Space Dog, with soprano, harp and electronics

The Little Prince, with Lisa Bonnàr (Nordic Doctor of Lullabies)

You can also book Adele for other events and special events; inaugurations, conferences, dinners, Christmas dinners, parties, weddings, baptisms and funerals.