With music as language! Melodies, rhythms and harmonies from different parts of the world create intuitive and responsive compositions.

Four musicians from four different countries; India, Palestine, Catalonia and Sweden. The quartet met in Sweden and found in music a common language from which music is created.
"We want to show that what we have brought with us from our countries actually has value in our new multicultural society. In Aayaam, we have learned that there is a bit of raga in maqam, a bit of Delhi in Bethlehem, a bit of maqam in flamenco, a bit of Bethlehem in Valencia, a bit of flamenco in Polish, a bit of Valencia in Bollnäs... and all possible combinations between these artistic expressions" .

Group members
Prabhat Das: Tablas
Shafeeq Alsadi: Qanun
Jonas Maciulis: Key harp
Joan Peiro Aznar: guitar