A Piazza Quartet

A Piazza Quartet

Flute with string trio. The members of the quartet are trained musicians, who play everything from baroque to contemporary music.

Welcome to us!

Flute with String Trio

The Piacerek Quartet is one of the few permanent Flute Quartets in Sweden and was formed in 2007 in Gothenburg

The quartet's members are trained musicians and consist of:

Antonio Tafuri Flute, Hazel Ferretti Violin, Emanuel Kling Viola, Annika Streijffert Cello.

Over the years, we have had time to play in a variety of contexts and with various partners.


Maria Löfberg has written "Four seasons" which she has dedicated to us.

Paulo Russo composed pieces for us which we performed with him at several concerts.

Soprano Ida Johansson has worked with us to develop a program with music by Vivaldi. "Whispering winds and stormy seas"


Shadows and light

Italian program

Whispering winds and stormy seas

The quartet has, among other things, played at the Aurora Festival in Vänersborg, Music at Billingen, Blå Hallen, the Book & Library Fair in Gothenburg, at conferences and in several churches and concert halls around Sweden

What brought the musicians together was the love of music and the desire to play chamber music.

We play original music for flute quartet but like to mix music styles and also arrange ourselves.

"Dancing and elegant" wrote Sven Andersson from Hallands Nyheter in a review and that is what we want to convey to our listeners.

Hello Cordiali!

Antonio Tafuri: Flute

Hazel Ferretti: Violin

Emanuel Kling: Viola

Annika Streijffert: Cello