the ass

the ass

Brazilian samba explosion with large percussion group, dancers and jokers.

Sambaskolan A Bunda is a non-profit association with about 100 members, which works to spread Brazilian culture. A Bunda can perform everything from a whole total show to shorter elements between other performances and our performances mean a swinging, explosive and captivating experience, filled with Brazilian rhythms, costumes, colors, dance and fun in a crackling show. Warning for addiction!

A Bunda plays with a large percussion group, several different dance sections and a unique fun group. We adapt the show to different scenes and organizers - large and small, and are guaranteed to speed up the staff party.

A Bunda has performed with, among others, Lena Philipsson and played for ÖIS at Ullevi. We have also crowded into small nightclubs and spread out on big stages in Europe.

10% of A Bunda's proceeds go to charity projects in Brazil.