232 Strings

232 Strings

With hundreds of strings - and a few cohorts - 232 Strings creates sparkling instrumental music where folk tone, dance drive and improvisation meet.

With hundreds of strings - and a few cohorts - 232 Strings creates its own and sparkling instrumental music where folk tone and improvisation coexist and new sound worlds are created.

In a close and dancing interplay where it is close to laughter and joy, close to thoughts and contemplation, the two musicians Frida Höfling and Emma Engström and their instruments meet; violin, piano, voices and cohort. Hear stories told, slang polish as with

full speed pulls forward and takes the audience with it, and the cow horn echoing melancholy between the piano strings.

After the critically acclaimed debut album Spunnet, with a gala nomination and radio concerts in the bag, now comes the sequel Svunnet. Fascinated by memories and the passage of time, they perform their own compositions together with folk songs that have wandered for generations. In addition to violin and piano, more cow horns, carillon, sheep bells and song are now also presented. Music that touches, stories that are told, memories that are revived through the tones of the music. With the heart of folk music and dance as the driving force, they convey a distinctive soundscape with a lot of improvisation.

The music is available on Spotify and 232 Strängar's debut album Spunnet was nominated in the People of the Year category at the Manifesto Gala 2017. A selection of concerts: Folk & World Music Gala, Umefolk, Korröfestivalen, Stallet in Stockholm, Helsingborgs arena & stage and at Euroradio Folk Festival in the Czech Republic in collaboration with Swedish Radio P2 and EBU.

232 Strings also play children & youth concerts, adapted for ages 6–19 years.

Frida Höfling: violins, harding fiddle, horn, vocals

Emma Engström: piano, carillon, accordion, vocals