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  • Why do we collect this information? We want our business to reflect reality, and for it to be for everyone. By collecting data about our participants, we can map, remedy and work for a more inclusive operation.
  • Advice for the presentation text: Use composition, genre and musical references to describe the musical expression. Partners and venues can also help to create an image of what kind of music you / you work with. The description should give an objective impression. Write in the third person and value words and possibly. superlatives should be quotes from others. The text is intended to be read by bookers/promoters.
  • Enter name, email address, year of birth and instrument.
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  • Feel free to enter a link to a song, album or artist page on a listening platform (Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.)
  • MCV mediates live music and is happy to see that you paste a link to, for example, YouTube or Vimeo. You can also make the video downloadable for MCV via a link if it is not published / public.
  • Enter the genre you want us to group your music under. Right now we have the categories: Children and Youth, Experimental and Contemporary, Folk and World Music, Jazz and Improvisation, Classical, Choir and Early Music, Rock, Pop and Blues, Composers and Composers, Songs and Singer Songwriter.
  • When you submit your application, you agree that Musikcentrum Väst saves the information for a maximum of one year after a possible withdrawal from the association, and via email makes member mailings with information. When you press send, you also guarantee that all persons participating in this application approve that the information provided is used in MCV's activities, ie registration in MCV's member register and publication on
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