Due to the increased spread of infection, the government has introduced new restrictions due to the increased spread of infection. The restrictions affect an already very scarred music life and we assume that new crisis support will therefore be presented shortly. At present, they are expected to remain until mid-February, but they will be re-examined every 14 days.

Below we have tried to compile those that influence musicians and artists:

For concerts (public events in general) with more than 20 participants, only seated participants are allowed and the participants must be divided into groups of a maximum of 8 people. There must also be at least 1 meter between the parties. Exceptions exist for religious ceremonies where standing participants are allowed. For events with more than 50 participants, a vaccination certificate is required, but also the above rules. 

For fairs with more than 50 participants, vaccination certificates will be required. In addition, there is a requirement for an area of ​​at least 10 sqm per person.

For restaurants requirements of a maximum of eight people per party will apply, 1 meter between the parties and only seated guests. Closing no later than 23:XNUMX.

In addition to this, there is advice all adults to limit the number of close contacts indoors and that those who can work at home should do so. 

Read all restrictions here.