Creative school is one of the largest investments in the field of culture and SEK 196 million is being invested for the coming academic year. But how do you get into the Creative School business? What is a principal and how do you navigate the bureaucracy? How can you develop your business with the help of digital tools and how is an educational program developed without sacrificing your artistry? Do not miss ours 4 food workshops in the subject!

All webinars are conducted via Zoom and are free for you who are a member of the Music Center Syd, West or East, and has paid membership fee 2021.

The number of places is limited, so hurry with your registration!

Tuesday 9 November at 13.00-15.00

# 4 What is Creative School?

The creative school grant will enable a meeting between the school and the free arts. However, the path from the freelance artists to the individual school is sometimes a bit complicated. What do you need to think about if you want to work with a creative school? We go through the basics of Creative School and invite you to a conversation where you get answers to your questions!

Register here no later than November 7

Tuesday 16 November at 10.00-12.00

# 5 How is Creative School booked?

How does a municipal cultural coordinator work with Creative School? How can you as an artist present your project idea to a principal? What is required of you to be able to work with Creative School projects? Welcome to a seminar where you can ask your questions to a panel that describes what it looks like in each municipality!

Register here no later than November 14

Tuesday 23 November at 10.00-12.00

# 6 Artistic height in Creative school

How do you do as an artist in Creative School? Are you an artist or an educator? How do you combine these roles without losing your artistic height in interacting with an art-above audience? Members of the Music Center talk about how they have managed to convey their artistic vision in an educational way.

Register here no later than November 21

Tuesday 7 December at 10.00-12.00

# 7 Digital strategy in Creative school

Ceclila Nordlund and Erik Rask from Techno craft developed its digital Creative School project in the midst of a burning pandemic. How did they go about creating a digital concept and how have they used the technology? Hear how they work in post-pandemic times in hybrid form with both digital and physical meetings.

Register here no later than 1 December

During the autumn invests National Music Centre on education. sustain is a webinar series that will give you more knowledge about how you as a self-producing artist can create a sustainable career. We have been able to invite a number of experts who will be able to give both concrete advice and to put your music life in a broader perspective.

The webinars are divided into three thematic blocks - here you can read more about the entire seminar series!

sustain carried out on the basis of Arts Council and is free for you who are a member of the Music Center East, West or Syd and like paid membership fee for 2021.