Make money and keep it! - This is the first theme for Musikcentrum Riks knowledge series sustain. We meet artists, economists and music publishers on 3 occasions to talk about how to make money as a live artist and songwriter, and how to then make the money last.

All webinars are conducted via Zoom and are free for you who are a member of the Music Center Syd, West or East, paid membership fee 2021

However, the number of places is limited, so hurry up with your registration!


Tuesday 9 November at 10.00-12.00

# 1 How to make money on gigs

How to make money as a live act? What income and expenses do you have and how do you generate long-term income? Nils Berg and Josef Kallerdahl (Nils Berg Cinemascope) has built his artist life on long-term collaborations and tells here how to combine wages and public support so that there is money left over in the end.

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Date and participants TBA

# 2 How to make money on your work

Music publishers monitor songwriters' rights and help them develop new collaborations. But is there any point for those who are active in narrower genres to collaborate with a publisher? We meet music publishers and artists in a conversation about how to make money on their songs.


Wednesday 1 December at 10.00-12.00

# 3 How to make the money last

How do you keep your freelance finances in order so that the money is enough in the long run? Which form of company is best and how do you ensure that there is money left over for the pension? Mats Moller, musician and accounting consultant, explains how to do long-term financial planning and avoids the most common pitfalls.

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During the autumn invests National Music Centre on education. sustain is a webinar series that will give you more knowledge about how you as a self-producing artist can create a sustainable career. We have been able to invite a number of experts who will be able to give both concrete advice and to put your music life in a broader perspective.

The webinars are divided into three thematic blocks - here you can read more about the entire seminar series!

sustain carried out on the basis of Arts Council and is free for you who are a member of the Music Center East, West or Syd and like paid membership fee for 2021.


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