Here you will find collected info about Sustain - knowledge for a sustainable music life. An online education venture between Music Center East, Music Center West and Music Center South. Sustain is a webinar series that will give you more knowledge about how you as a self-producing artist can create a sustainable career. We have been able to invite a number of experts who will be able to give both concrete advice and to put your music life in a broader perspective.

Sustain is implemented with the support of Arts Council and is free for you who are a member of Musikcentrum Öst, Väst eller Syd och as paid membership fee for 2021.

The webinars are divided into three thematic blocks - below you can read more and sign up!


Here we immerse ourselves in different ways to make money on their music and organize their business. What income and expenses do you have when you play live and how do you get cash flow? How do you not lose money when your music is played abroad? How do you do long-term financial planning and how do you know that you have chosen the right company form? We meet artists, music publishers and economists on three occasions in November!

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Creative school is one of the largest investments in the field of culture and SEK 196 million is being invested for the coming academic year. But how do you get into the Creative School business? What is a principal and how do you navigate the bureaucracy? How can you develop your business with the help of digital tools and how do you make an educational program without sacrificing your artistry? Do not miss 4 hearty workshops during the autumn.

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How do you market yourself to get fans, gigs and media attention? That is the question we will have to answer on three occasions in December!

We meet professionals in PR and discuss how to get your fans to talk about one with others, how to communicate with music companies and what to say when talking to the media. What material do you need and which channels should you use?

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