Today, the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency confirmed that the announced changes from 1 July will really take effect then.

From 1 July, the following applies:

Attendance ceilings for public gatherings and public events
Indoor events: up to 50 participants.
Indoor arrangement with designated seating: max 300 participants.
Outdoor events: max 600 participants.
Outdoor events with designated seating: max 3000 participants.

Table from the Swedish Public Health Agency.

If you have the opportunity to divide the room / area / space into sections that are large enough in order for the participants to be able to keep an infectious distance within these applies above mentioned participant ceilings instead each section.
Each section needs to have separate entrances and exits as well as access to own service facilities - for example toilets and places to eat.

The maximum size for a party is increased from four to eight people. Company shall sit down and be able to keep your distance, both outdoors and indoors.

Rules that apply restaurant opening hours removed.

The permitted participation ceiling in premises, spaces and areas that are rented out to private gatherings raised to 50 persons.

For outdoor demonstrations is now allowed up to 1800 participants.

For exercise races and similar outdoor sports competitions adjustments are made that involve the participant ceiling only applies in the start and finish area. The provision also applies to sports competitions with track stretches that are carried out on roads, on or in water or in forests and on land. At the same time, the participation ceiling is raised 900 athletes.