Gothenburg turns 400 years old and of course we need music for the party! Let Musikcentrum Väst help! Right now, the city is full of these nice posters. Each QR code has a cruel song. Or just click on the links below and make your own celebration music! 🎧

Smoke Rings Sisters with Gentlemen & Gangsters - Our own Gothenburg
Fresh effervescent gladswing connects the current 20s with the past.

Christina Kjellsson - You are as you are, Gothenburg
Nice social realism in a swinging pop show that Gothenburg deserves to be celebrated even though the city is as it is - or just because?

Axel Sondén & Flyttfåglarna - With everything you mean
Fine-tuned tribute song in troubadour tradition in the right dialect.

M-Rock & Wefunky Band - The city we love
Thorough gait for funky feet.

West of Eden - Glenntown
Tones to attract Irish and everyone else to celebrate the football city of Gothenburg.

Find more music here!