A moment from the digital seminar. Annamaija Saarela from Livelab Tampere, Finland

Here is a quick report from the seminar What promoters want for now? at the digital fair Jazzahead.

How are the organizers doing right now? How do they think and plan for the future? And how do they want musicians to contact them right now?

Four bookers at four clubs in four different countries shared the situation right now:

Martyna van Nieuwland, Katowice City of Gardens, Poland
Has decided to spread the festival throughout the year this year, so that it will be open to live audiences sometime during the year.

Frank van Berkel, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
More TV studio than concert venue nowadays. Sad, but the club can at least help local musicians during this difficult time. Feels important to take breaks from the screen.

Thomas Wingren, Fasching, Stockholm
Have no hope of opening this site this summer. Plans for opening in September.
Streams concerts twice a week. Streaming technology has improved a lot during the year and may even be used after the pandemic. Musicians travel to the club to play - but only within the country's borders.

Thomas is also booking right now as if it were a regular Stockholm Jazz Festival in October. The autumn at the club is largely fully booked.

Annamaija Saarela, Livelab Tampere, Finland
Hopeful situation regarding the infection situation in Finland. Hope to be able to start up properly again in the autumn.

It is very much booked, as things have been moved forward, so new bookings apply right now, especially in 2022.

None of the clubs / festivals - except Livelab Tampere - have ticket systems linked to streamed concerts. However, the musicians are paid. Before the summer, several of them are planning for hybrid concerts that take place outdoors and are broadcast live at the same time - an arrangement that is certainly here to stay.

Bimhuis and Fasching perform their own streamed concerts via Youtube and Facebook respectively. They also collaborate with other clubs and festivals when it comes to recorded concerts, not live broadcasts.

Livelab, on the other hand, has a ticket system on its own platform. The club is also owned by the Swedish Musicians' Association. Most concerts at Livelab have been hybrids, as the infection situation in Finland has been good at times.

In Finland, there are several platforms with payment systems used by clubs and other concert venues. Now people are getting used to ticket systems. Tickets cost 9,99 euros.

Annamaija hopes that more organizers will be brave and introduce ticket systems in the future. We at MCV also hope so. Let's learn from Finland!

Everyone says that these are very stressful times and far too much screen time. The organizers ask musicians and bookers to be patient and flexible. Everyone needs to be there now, even the organizers themselves. Concerts have had to be moved or canceled at short notice for more than a year now.

In conclusion, the whole panel of course expressed their incredibly strong longing for when the live music is back!

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