Ny Musik Nu - Koloni presenterar Eartheater + Amon Düde

  • Var: Folkteatern, Olof Palmes Plats 4, 413 04, Göteborg
  • När: 20 september kl. 19:00

Eartheater is Alexandra Drewchin, a New York based musician and artist who seeks on a daily basis to upgrade her mental software. Also known for her shamanic performances fronting Guardian Alien, Eartheater is Drewchin’s unshackled solo vessel, a deliberate distillation of voice, synths, guitar, and electronic production techniques into short-form compositions teeming with crystalline details. 


Arttu Partinen has been making music for close to 20 years now. Some of his projects (most visible being the long-lived band Avarus) were central in the international breakthrough of the "New Weird Finland"-genre around 2005-2006.

Solo, he has been known as Amon Düde, but in recent times also under his own name. In his performances, he creates high speed collages that combine noise dynamics with slapstick moves. He often seems to struggle with his gear, surprising himself as well as the audience. As sound sources he uses found tapes, his own recordings, world music cassettes, nature sounds, human voice, processed live percussion etc. Partinen kind of uses his whole body as a pitch bender. Imagine the sound of several battered tape players running on chipmunks-on-helium-speed with the batteries failing in the meantime. Somehow it all ends up making total sense.





Ny Musik Nu

Ny Musik Nu är ett samarbetsprojekt mellan Musikcentrum Väst och tio fria arrangörer* som syftar till att stärka genren Nutida/Experimentell musik samt synliggöra genrens möjligheter och utmaningar genom gemensamt kunskapsutbyte och nätverk.

I Ny Musik Nu kommer totalt 106 konserter att genomföras under projektperioden som sträcker sig mellan 1 juli till 31 december 2016.

* BrÖtz, Bunkerfesten, GAS-festivalen, Kartong Inn, Klubb Entra, Klubb Kom In, Koloni, Levande Musik, Torpåkra Ljudstation, Västerlanda Kultur och media.
Projektet genomförs med medel från Statens Musikverk