Johannes Bergmark m.fl. – Eternity of a Moment II [Göteborg]

  • Var: Artisten, Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborgs universitet, Fågelsången 1, Göteborg
  • När: 6 december kl. 18:00

Artisten, Lindgrensalen A302. Entrance: 60 SEK.
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Johannes Bergmark
The Hell Harp of Hieronymus Bosch, solo;
Mari Åkerblom – vocals, piano, violin + Thomas Markusson – double bass;
Maja Toresen – 5-stringed fiddle, vocals, lyre + Antti Lähdesmaki – piano;
Mikko Sarvanne – voice, drum machine + Kjellmer/Wallace/Lähteenmäki/
Lähdesmäki/Andersson/von Numers.

More about us:
Johannes Bergmark
– The Hell Harp of Hieronymus Bosch, first public work-in-process invitation. This experimental musical performance instrument is inspired by a detail in the painting The Garden of Delights by Hieronymus Bosch more than 500 years ago. In Hell, a man is “crucified” inside a harp. This is an attempt to reverse the torture idea into an instrument of “delight”. This public showing is far from the final work – it is intended as another tryout in the construction process and hopes for audience feedback. bergmark.org/bosch.
JB is an experimental musical instrument constructor, improviser, composer, performance artist (and piano technician) who has performed worldwide and constructed or composed a long list of instruments, sound sculptures, installations, environments and fixed-media pieces. The bodily involvement and the poetic adventure are commongrounds. He often makes workshops and lectures in musical instrument building, writes and organized a lot of events. From Stockholm, where he is engaged in Fylkingen, EMS and the Surrealist Group.

Mari Åkerblom is a singer and voice artist that wants to cross borders between genres. She has performed a lot of classical music and vocal jazz. She also composes in different styles and mostly works in her own projects that has a range from her personal take on jazz, Free improvisation/instant composition, Art pop with improvisational elements, Opera with improvisational elements in her project Moonbus Operalab and classical singing including early music and contemporary. She composes pieces for her vocal trio Now & Then and works with a duo, Mooniverse, that works with instant composition/free improvisation and deconstructing pop-songs and original songs. Mari sings and plays piano and experimental violin in that project that also includes bass/guitar/loop pedal and percussive elements. She also works in a duo, F(re)emale, that works with voice/movement and in a couple of solo-concepts. ● I Create A World, Mari Åkerblom, Mari Åkerblom – vocals and Thomas Markusson – double bass ● Lush Life, Billy Strayhorn, Mari Åkerblom – vocals and piano ● From Minimum To Maximum And Back, Mari Åkerblom – vocals and violin .

Maja Gravermoen Toresen is a Norwegian folk musician, with main instruments: 5-stringed fiddle/ hardanger fiddle, song and lyre. Alongside having a lot of experience from performing music in different styles, Maja also has a lot of experience from the theatre stage. Her general interest lies in how to convey a “message” through music and text. In her Master's Maja is researching how she can perform traditional songs and own compositions accompanied by herself on fiddle, song or lyre. For this concert Maja will perform compositions and arrangements from the autumn of 2018 inspired by traditional Swedish songs and Norwegian traditional tunes. These are for vocal and 5-stringed fiddle, and for vocal and lyre. Maja will be accompanied by the Finnish pianist Antti Lähdesmaki on some arrangements.

Mikko Sarvanne is a composer, best known from leading his jazz orchestra Mikko Sarvanne Hip Company. Sarvanne works in both jazz and classical worlds and in between. Lately he has been interested in human voice and especially small ensembles of singers. Line-up: Tora Runevad Kjellmer – voice, Karoline Wallace –voice, Mikko Sarvanne – voice, drum machine, Ville Lähteenmäki – bass clarinet, Antti Lähdesmäki – piano, Daniel Andersson – double bass, Filemon von Numers – double bass.

I dessa konserter utgår masterstudenterna i improvisation från filosofen Søren Kierkegaards tanke om att människan genom en förstärkt närvaro i ögonblicket kan förnimma evigheten - när tiden upphör att vara linjär kan vi greppa oändligheten. Komposition, form, improvisation, dynamik, samspel och reflektion är andra nyckelord för denna internationella studentgrupp.
In this concert, master's students in the improvisation programme build on philosopher Søren Kierkegaard's notion that by strengthening our presence in the moment, we can perceive eternity: when time ceases to be linear, we can grasp the concept of infinity. Composition, form, improvisation, dynamics, interaction and reflection are other keywords for this international student group.