Bellaroush på Re:Cycle, Chalmers Kemigården [Göteborg]

  • Var: Chalmers, Kemigården, GÖTEBORG
  • När: 3 september kl. 12:00

Mer information: https://www.facebook.com/events/683040625120551/

On Wednesday the 3/9, from 11.00, you are all invited to Re:Cycle at Kemigården – an event hosted by Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS) and the Environmental Unit. Abandoned bikes from rental companies around Gothenburg will be given to members of CSS and Cykelköket, a free DIY bike workshop. You can become a member on site for only 50:- (cash only). Appearing live will be soul/roots/reggae band Bellaroush and DJ Emilio, as well as several biking-related exhibitors. PROGRAM: 09:00 Bike queuing opens 11:00 DJ Emilio + BMX show + Exhibition opens 11:55 Welcome speech 12:00 Releasing the bikes 12:00 Talk by Malin Månsson, bicycle planner for the Gothenburg Municipality 12:15 Live band: Bellaroush